Deposits & Puppy Fees

A deposit of $250.00 is required to reserve a puppy and is applied to the total puppy fee.
Payment in full is required by the time puppies are eight weeks of age to ensure that we have time to properly place puppies with new owners.



Male | Solid Silver

KAI is a calm and intuitive youngster. He seems wise beyond his years. He is already catching on to my commands, not to jump up or chew on my fingers (teething)… he is always sitting like a pretty boy when he wants to be picked up. He is the second largest boy of the litter and not shy at all. He loves to roll over for belly rubs and naps on the lap. He plays nice with his siblings and has zero food/toy aggression. He is a total sweetheart, ready to please- he will soar in obedience/agility/sportss  or trained as a service animal or therapy dog. He also loves water, he enjoys baths and playing in puddles! 
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Male | Silver & Cream Phantom

MAUI is our smallest puppy of the litter. Even though he is tiny compared to the rest – he still has really nice conformation for a pup. This little boy is a big lover. He is always on the sidelines, super chill and often waiting patiently for his turn to get picked up yet playful once you engage with him. He is most independent of this litter as well, perhaps because he is too smart and knows to be extra careful because he is the little dude. He is a “runt”, but that doesn’t stop him. He is curious of his surroundings and loves running around in the tall grass. A very sweet boy for someone with kids or want a smaller standard. We think he may only grow to be about 45 lbs. His coat will be silver and cream phantom like his mother but will most likely be a lighter shade of silver than her.  

Phantom Poodle Puppy San Diego
Phantom Poodle Puppy California
phantom silver poodle puppy for sale california


Male | Silver & Cream Phantom


LAKA is our sweetest boy. He is great with our toddler and loves to follow her around. He has no problem with loud squeals and squished hugs. I think he will be wonderful with other kids as well. He is absolutely gorgeous and looks just like his mama when she was his age. His coat is phantom silver and cream, he will has the same markings as his mom but maybe a slightly lighter shade.  His phantom markings are prominent and he is already fading into silver/cream – he is going to be dazzling once his adult coat comes in. He has a gorgeous personality to go with his looks – he is patient, he fetches and he is super comfortable being groomed with his eager to please attitude. What a good boy he is when being handled. He is definitely the kind of dog that wants to be with you and share affection constantly- just like his papa!  He seems to have gotten the best of his parents qualities that come naturally- beauty and loyalty.
He is a great candidate for a therapy dog and will respond well to advanced training. 
AKC Standard Poodle Puppies
AKC Poodle Puppies California
AKC Standard Poodle Puppies California
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California Poodle Puppies For Sale


Female | White & Silver Parti

KONA is a sweet girl. She will fade into light silver patches on white. She has the cutest expressions, character and playful personality. She is a little shy but once she warms up to you all she wants is cuddles. She is a little more independent than her siblings and loves attention and affection. She would make a great therapy dog or kid’s best friend. 

AKC Parti Poodle Puppy For Sale
AKC Parti Poodle Puppy For Sale California
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Female | White & Silver Parti

MANA is outgoing and fun spirited. She will fade into silver patches on white. She is playful and isn’t startled easy. She responds quickly when called and is always looking for signals from us.  This puppy is very human and praise oriented and walks along my side all over the property. What a great candidate for agility courses or a hiking partner. 
AKC Parti Poodle Puppies for Sale California
Poodle Puppies For Sale
Poodle Puppies For Sale