AKC name: “Shine Anja Crazy Diamond”

Anja is our platinum silver and champagne phantom female dam. She has had two healthy litters and proven to be a wonderful mother.

She is a dog with heavenly qualities – being sweet and polite comes natural to her … and she melts our hearts with those sweet soulful eyes and gentle cuddles. Her dad is a United Kingdom import, UKC champion stud and her beautiful parti mother is now retired after a fabulous life of producing quality, healthy puppies.

Anja is a sporty bitch and keeps a fit, muscular physique. Our loving girl always has a smile on her face and the warmest golden brown eyes. She carries herself with joy in abundance and loves to make me smile. Anja is a delight and her vivacious spirit can cheer anyone up on the gloomiest days. Her puppies tend to inherit her sweet, loving, light-hearted temperament. She is very tolerant of large crowds, loud noises, farm animals and children. Her good nature is passed on to her offspring making for excellent therapy dogs or service dogs for tasks that require focus and an easy going attitude.


AKC name: “Super Coiled Helix Dog N Around”

Helix is by far the most loyal dog of the pack. He always stays close and excels in obedience beyond the rest of his peers and mates. His protective tendencies are very sensible,  only barking when there is a presence, making him great at alerting us when any predatory animals are nearby on the farm. Helix naturally has a herding instinct which we worked with as a young lad and he is now so awesome at herding our free range chickens and goats. He loves to play fetch more than anything and is motivated and driven by praise alone. This boy knows all the tricks in the book, from the classic “Bang” finger-gun trick … to more advanced tricks like his own “special move” which is when he does a perfect 360* as he jumps about 4 feet high off the ground! He is a proven stud with incredibly impressive agility, skills and obedience.


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