This puppy is guaranteed by Silver Coast Poodles to be free from any serious health issues as indicated by a licensed veterinarian.


Sellers Responsibilities:

  1. Two year health guarantee against life threatening, inherited genetic illnesses such as heart disease, liver or kidney disease. If life-threatening congenital disease is detected within 2 years, Silver Coast Poodles requires a full vet report and return of Puppy for a full refund of purchase price. If buyer prefers, a replacement puppy of the same value will be given if one is available instead of a refund of purchase price. There is no guarantee for the replacement puppy being the same color, or from the same parents.
  2. Two year hip guarantee with passable OFA hip results on ALL puppies.
  3. Seller will provide a lifetime of phone and internet support.
  4. Our dogs are guaranteed to the original purchaser only. Upon transfer of ownership, this contract will become void.

Buyers Responsibilities:

  1. Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs for puppy or dog returned and for receiving replacement puppy.
  2. Owners must follow routine medical care, from prevention to treatment including but not limited to: up-to-date vaccinations and administer monthly flea, tick and heart worm medications.
  3. We ask that you refrain from bringing your puppy into public places (parks, pet stores, etc.) until your puppy has received all puppy shots required by a licensed veterinarian. Puppies are very vulnerable to contagious disease and illness during this time.

This guarantee does not cover poor nutrition, housing, grooming or problems that are not genetically based… I am also not liable for what I consider incidental issues such as coccidia (which can erupt for various reasons including transitional stress) or any other communicable diseases that were contracted after the puppy leaves.

Puppies/dogs require medical check-ups, immunizations, periodic de-worming, heartworm preventative and sometimes surgery. All vet bills are the responsibility of the new owners.

As a breeder I am not responsible for size, color, coat type, issues with bite or teeth, temperament problems, accidental death, biting or other situations that may be caused by new environment and care.

For Limited Registration : BY 12 MONTHS OF AGE Proof of spay/neuter will be sent to the breeder.
This health guarantee does not cover an animal that has been used for breeding. It is null and void if the animal is not spay/neutered by 12 months of age and a fee of $5000 is to be paid to the breeder by owner. Any Lawyer and Court fees are the responsibility of the Buyer.

Certification/proof of spay/neuter must be submitted to Silver Coast Poodles on Veterinary Letterhead on/before one year of age. In the event that extenuating circumstances prevent this medical procedure, Buyer will advise Seller in writing along with full vet report.

If it is found that this puppy/dog was used for breeding an additional fee of $5,000.00 is to be paid to the breeder by owner and puppy/dog is to be returned to the breeder along with any registration papers and titles.

This contract is to be considered legal and binding in a court of law, whether or not you sign the form you are agreeing to terms by purchasing one of our dogs.