Guardian Home Program

We reqire a deposit of half the cost of the pet price, which will be returned to you when she/he has completed breeding contract. We will handpick which puppies will be going home with the option of guardianship contract. The owner will not pay adoption fees, and raise the puppy as their own her entire life. When she is ready to have her first litter of puppies and has completed all of her required health testing, she will be brought back to our home where she will stay for a week to mate.
Females will remain at your home during the pregnancy, then return back to us a week before her due date to deliver and nurse her puppies. After two months she will return back home to you. For 2-4 years she will have one litter per year.
For males that shall be used as a stud, we will have joined ownership so that he can produce at least 4 litters.
Our Guardian Home families are responsible for taking care of their pet’s regular veterinary visits and preventative health measures. Such as, excellent grooming upkeep, feeding high quality dog food, monthly herbal heart worm prevention, flea/tick prevention, training, exercise and socialization. Any genetic testing, and breeding related medical costs for the dog is taken care of by Enchanting Doodles.
Our Guardian homes are only responsible for routine maintenance and medical care.

Requirements to Become A Guardian Home

To be considered as a Guardian Home for one of our breeding dogs, it is necessary that you have physical fencing around your property or own your own home, and have a schedule that will allow for your dog to not be left alone for extended periods of time. All dogs and pups placed in Guardian Families must be indoor dogs with outdoor privileges. Guardian owners must have reliable transportation, and capable to bring the dog to us when needed throughout the year.