Looking for Standard Poodle Puppies in San Diego with an excellent pedigree and strong genetics?
Our puppies come from a two great pedigrees that have been bred wisely and thoroughly health tested for generations.
The dam is a Platinum Silver/Cream Phantom with a sleek physique. She is a dog with heavenly qualities – being sweet and polite comes natural to her … and she melts our hearts with those sweet soulful eyes and gentle cuddles. Her dad is a United Kingdom import, UKC champion stud and her beautiful mother is now retired after a fabulous life of producing quality, healthy puppies.
The sire is Blue/Silver with a beautiful square conformation. He is motivated to please and will do anything for his ball. His agility is amazing and he loves new challenges. He is very loyal and doesn’t ever stray far when he is off leash. Our sire’s mom is retired from breeding and is now a working therapy dog. (Pictures available upon request)
Driven by compassion and respect for all animals, we view our dogs as our kids and love them as family. Our pack is fed nutritional and beneficial supplements with their organic dog food and have access to acres of land to romp and play. Our dogs are not kennel raised and never will be. We treat our dogs holistically and recognize the healing power of touch that they give us and reciprocate it. We use reward based training and integrate bodywork and massage modalities into our dog’s daily life.
My first poodle was years ago and I acquired her from a good friend who bred the litter. She was a gift for my autistic little brother and I trained her to help him with his extreme moments of emotional irrational behavior. She was the sweetest therapy dog you could imagine (and still is) and I just fell in LOVE with the Standard Poodle breed! Over the years I have learned a lot about poodle genetics from breeders of merit that have been producing international champion bloodlines.
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With the help of other breeders we have the sweetest poodle bunch. No aggression or dominance issues – all of our dogs get along with other animals and kids. We hope that some of our pups will grow up to be service/therapy dogs because it runs in their family.

We create a balanced and calm environment conducive for instilling desired traits passed down from the pack. Puppies are socialized at a young age with other dogs of different ages and taught to respect other animals and livestock


Breeding Intent

We pamper our poodles and chose them because of their sweet dispositions. Our breeding program focuses on improving on the standard poodle’s gentle temperament, stunning colors, and square, strong conformation. Our goal is to enhance the longevity of this amazing breed for future generations to come. We will raise the litter in our home, with attention given to each pup individually on a daily basis to maximize socialization and desired behavioral traits.They will be groomed by me at home so that they are in a safe and familiar environment when being accustomed to nail trims, dog blow dryers, clippers, etc.
All puppies are sold with AKC limited or full registration, come with a two year health guarantee and lifetime breeder support.
We focus on poodles with multi-colored and fading coats to add more diversity to the poodle breed overall. Most standard poodles shown in the AKC ring are solid, and the majority are black or white simply because of breed standards and to look good in the indoor lighting. These show dogs are superb, top notch, no doubt about it… but they are not your average companion dog – they are our nations breeding stock, made to perfect breed standards. It takes years of hard work to achieve champion or grand champion titles or kennel legacies. We are not a kennel, we are a family who love the breed so much that we want ensure our kids and their kids will have healthy, beautiful standard poodles for generations to come.  Since our puppies will be companions and do not need to adhere to intense body alterations for the show ring, we do not amputate their tail or cut off the dew claws. There is no valid medical reason to do so.
As the puppies grow, we will be tracking their development in character, conformation and coat color. These updates will be posted to our Facebook page  and on our website for your convenience. Some of these lovely dogs will be offered with full registration through AKC, or sold with a spay/neuter contract with limited registration (your dog can participate in classes and AKC sports).